Relocating Newfoundland Outports

Dr. Jeff A. Webb is a professor in the Department of History at Memorial University and author of Observing the Outports: Describing Newfoundland Culture, 1950-1980. I interviewed Dr. Webb for the January 2018 issue of Downhome Magazine (see “Abandoned Architecture As Art: Newfoundland Resettlement In Photographs”). This is our full edited interview. Q. What were […]

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Art Gallery

Features my artwork from 2015+, including works painted with and under the guidance of Canadian landscape painter, Gordon Harrison and one painted under the guidance of Canadian painter, Rosemary Leach.

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Remembering my father

What follows is the eulogy I delivered at my father’s funeral. May he rest in peace. Donald Thornhill (April 22, 1948 – April 26, 2019) My father was a patient man and he had to be. Here’s something he told me: “With the wear and tear we gave our clothes, it’s a wonder I had […]

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