For the Love of the Sea-nery: My Next Collection

I’m working on a new collection called, “For The Love Of The Sea-nery.” It’s inspired by this piece (see featured photo). I used acrylic paints, deviating from my love of oil paints. It was experimental – the choice of paints, but also the choice of image. I’ve been working on landscapes and many seascapes too, but never before have I delved below water.

In his book, The Life & Live of The Sea, Lewis Blackwell writes “How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.” It got me to thinking… If I really want to see the scenery, I ought to see it from all angles.

The photo book that is inspiring my latest collection

The first image in Blackwell’s book that drew my attention was heavy on moody tones. The photo is filled with deep blues, silvers and reflecting light. While I often like to play with colour, this time I wanted I chose colours and tones that were in keeping with the photograph. Next time, I’d like to capture the light bursts (see the white light in Blackwell’s photo; that’s missing from my final piece).


The next image I’m working on has brighter tones and plenty more light, as it’s near the surface. Light pours into the top of this photo and so does the air. Air bubbles fill the image breaking up that serene azure blue. You can almost hear the whale about to breach as the fish dart this way and that in their schools.


Stay tuned.

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