Atlantic Books Today “Cod Collapse” Review

The latest issue of Atlantic Books Today features a review by fisheries scientist, Jeffrey A. Hutchings of my book, “Cod Collapse: The Rise and Fall of Newfoundland’s Saltwater Cowboys.”

The issue also features one of my landscape paintings on the cover of the issue, as well as in the header of the review called, “The collective trauma of the great cod collapse.”

In his review, Hutchings writes:

Verma’s thoughtful and thought-provoking book combines personal, familial, and societal experiences with historical and contemporary accounts of the fishery. She has produced a remarkably engaging blend of memoir, history, science, and humanism…. Verma aptly and emotionally describes the collapse as one of the greatest collective traumas in the history of Newfoundland.

A copy of Atlantic Books Today featuring my artwork on the cover. Also, see my work inside along with a lovely review of my book, “Cod Collapse.”

Hutchings also calls out the cod collapse as the greatest numerical reduction of a species in Canadian history. Read his insightful review online (p.24-25).

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