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Book (2019)

Cod Collapse: The Fall and Rise of Newfoundland’s Saltwater Cowboys. 2019. Nimbus Publishing. (Read an overview of Cod Collapse, which combines memoir, historical nonfiction and narrative).

Film (2021, adapted from Cod Collapse)

Last Fish, First Boat. Animated short-film released Feb 18, 2021 by McIntrye Media and Canadian Geographic with funding by Canada Council for the Arts. Co-produced with Kat Frick Miller and Matt LeMay. Learn more.

Audiobook (2021, Children’s)

Snowmageddon: A Snowfall Like No Other in St. John’s released January 17, 2021 and aired on CBC Newfoundland and Labrador) (Weekend AM) and online with an accompanying feature story.

Member of the Canadian Association of Journalists, Science Writers and Communicators of Canada and Folklore Studies Association of Canada


Nominee for the Democracy 250 Atlantic Book Award for Historical Writing for “Cod Collapse” at the 2021 Atlantic Book Awards – watch an author reading c/o Halifax Public Libraries

Nominee, Critical Eye Award, 2021 Excellence in Visual Arts (EVA) Awards

Silver Finalist for “Best Profile Article at the 2021 Atlantic Journalism Awards for “The Yarnbomber,” [EDIT], 2020.

Silver Finalist for an Atlantic Journalism Award in the category of “Best Profile Article” for “Accordian to Don,” Newfoundland Quarterly, 2019.

Finalist for a National Magazine Award in the category of “Best New Magazine Writer” for “Letters from Pop,” Maisonneuve, 2018.

Silver Finalist for an Atlantic Journalism Award in the category of “Best Profile Article” for “Half a century a fisherman,” Saltscapes, 2018.

Journalism (Articles, Commentaries, Reviews)


Forthcoming stories for The Narwhal, CBC NL, The Independent and Saltscapes Read the latest Seasplainer – The Independent’s monthly fisheries and oceans explainer series.

The cod delusion: A moratorium on cod fishing that was supposed to last two years has now lasted 30. What will it take to rebuild cod stocks — and a way of life? Forthcoming in July-August issue of Canadian Geographic magazine. The author gratefully acknowledges the support of the Access Copyright Foundation – Marian Hebb Research for supporting the research making this story possible.

Who decides the price of fish at the wharf? May 2022. The Independent, Seasplainer.

This fishing captain is combining Inuit knowledge with scientific expertise to fight climate change in the Far North. April, 2022. The Globe and Mail.

How many fish are in the sea? April 2022. The Independent, Seasplainer.

Really old rocks in Gros Morne: Gros Morne National Park, and the remarkable Tablelands, is a trip back in ancient history. Spring-summer issue. Saltscapes.

Will there be icebergs this year? March 2022. The Independent, Seasplainer.

Home is where the harvest is: How community freezers are helping NunatuKavut Inuit stay connected to their values and way of life. Spring-summer issue. Inside Labrador. The author gratefully acknowledges the support of the Access Copyright Foundation – Marian Hebb Research for supporting the research making this story possible.

Brave Lucy Bolger: What her great-granddaughter learned about her as she followed her light at Point Amour Lighthouse. Spring-summer issue. Inside Labrador. The author gratefully acknowledges the support of the Access Copyright Foundation – Marian Hebb Research for supporting the research making this story possible.

Book Review: A Primer of Life Histories: Ecology, Evolution, and Application by Jeffrey A. Hutchings. March 2022. Atlantic Books Today.

The future before us: Youth have become an unrelenting force in using their voices to safeguard biodiversity. (Cover story) Winter 2022. Nature Conservancy of Canada.

In Labrador, desperate pleas for search and rescue resources still unanswered. January 2022. The Globe and Mail. The author gratefully acknowledges the support of the Access Copyright Foundation – Marian Hebb Research for supporting the research making this story possible.

Book Review: Land of Many Shores, edited by Ainsley Hawthorn. January 2022. Atlantic Books Today.


You may not be relying on the best available evidence to make decisions and design programs — here’s why. December 2021. Future of Good. 

Fishy business: Five young harvesters explain why they’ve chosen to haul anchor for a life on the water. September 2021. Atlantic Business Magazine.

Is the social impact workforce ready for the next emergency? September 2021. Future of Good.

Haunting tales of Point Amour Lighthouse. Fall 2021. Inside Labrador.

Book Review: Reflections from Them Days by Nellie Winters. Fall 2021. Inside Labrador

Scapegoat or scoundrel? Why scientists want to clear the air about the role of seals and focus on ecosystems. August 2021. The Globe and Mail.

As the Climate Changes, So Does Managing Fisheries: Over 20 years ago, DFO recognized that “changes in climate cannot be ignored.” Why is it taking so long to put this insight into practice? May 2021. The Independent.

A season of change: How N.L.’s wild fisheries have gone from plentiful to pitiful. May 2021. CBC NL.

Honouring Inuit Elders: Memorial University hosts first-ever convocation in Labrador. April 2021. (Inside Labrador)

Could smaller, more sustainable cod fishing make a comeback? Newfoundlanders look cautiously for ways to rebuild. March 2021. The Globe and Mail

Atlantic cod rebuilding plan undermines scientific evidence and Indigenous Knowledge: critics. March 2021. The Narwhal.

Conservation Conundrum: Will listing Atlantic Salmon under the Species At Risk Act help or hinder restoration efforts. Spring issue. Atlantic Salmon Journal.

Status report: slow starts and further delays for N.L. offshore in 2021-22. March 2021. (Atlantic Business Magazine)

New film shows three-decade old cod collapse even more relevant today. February 2021. Canadian Geographic.

Snowmageddon: Revisiting a snowfall like no other through a child’s eye. January 2021. CBC NL.

Colab co-founders: from hyperloop pioneers to Innovators of the Year. May 2021. Atlantic Business Magazine.

TEA FOR 2SLGBTQIA+ (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Office of Public Engagement)

Book Review: Reflections from Them Days by Nellie Winters. February 2021. Atlantic Books Today.


Must-Have Newfoundland and Labrador Books of 2020. December 2020. Atlantic Books Today.

Is Corporate Concentration the Future of Fish Processing? December 2020. The Independent (NL). Shared byline with Jack Daly)

Who Controls Fish Processing in Newfoundland and Labrador? November 2020. The Independent (NL). (Shared byline with Jack Daly)

Yarnbombed! Twillingate gets The Rock Vandal’s trademark treatment. November 2020. Downhome.

Cod Haven’t Fully Returned, but We Still Return for the Cod. October 2020. The Independent (NL).

Portraits and Portrayals. October 2020. Downhome.

Book Briefs. Poetry. Year of the Metal Rabbit. Tammy Armstrong. September 2020. Atlantic Books Today.

2020 Innovator of the Year. September 2020. Atlantic Business Magazine.

Rocking the Art World: In the Painted Rock Movement, The Fun is in The Find. July 2020. Downhome.

Book Briefs. Poetry. New-found-land by Carol Hobbs. Spring/Summer 2020. Atlantic Books Today.

The Yarnbomber. Not Your Grandmudder’s Knitting: A Yarnbomber Leaves Her Mark in Newfoundland. Spring/Summer 2020. [EDIT] magazine.

Why NL Fishers are Protesting in a Pandemic: An Explainer. May 2020. The Independent (NL).

Yarnbomber Aims to Lift Spirits in Outdoor Art Gallery. April 2020. The Independent (NL).

Report: FLR Complied with Disclosure Rules in Salmon Die-off. April 2020. The Independent (NL).

Commentary: How and Why We Fish (Part 1). April 2020. The Independent (NL). (Shared byline with Dean Bavington)

Commentary: How and Why We Fish (Part 2). April 2020. The Independent (NL). (Shared byline with Dean Bavington and Kimberly Orren)

Quirpon Island: Abandoned, but Still Bursting with Life. March 2020. Downhome. (Cover story)

The Moment that Joined John Crosbie, the Cod, and Us. January 2020. The Independent (NL).


Fishing Lessons: Bringing the whole community back to the wharf, one child and one woman at a time. November 2019. Reader’s Digest. Now available online.

After the Cod Collapse: Is Cod Jigging Still a Rite of Passage? October 2019. Downhome Magazine.

Had It Coming: Robyn Doolittle (Session Review). October 2019. Ottawa International Writers Festival.

In My Own Moccasins: Helen Knott (Session Review). October 2019. Ottawa International Writers Festival.

The Vagina Bible: Dr. Jen Gunter (Session Review). October 2019. Ottawa International Writers Festival.

Family Ties with Zalika Reid-Benta, Carol Rose GoldenEagle and Michael Crummey (Session Review). October 2019. Ottawa International Writers Festival.

Friends Like These with Anakana Schofield, Sara Peters and Megan Gail Coles. (Session Review). October 2019. Ottawa International Writers Festival.

Accordion to Don: How a Squeezebox Became a Barometer for My Father’s Health. Summer 2019. Newfoundland Quarterly. (listen to the Father’s Day 2019 show of VOCM’s Sunday Drive with Darrell Power for an interview with Jenn Thornhill Verma about this article – the segment runs 15.53-23:21)

The Newfoundland Expatriate Survey (Part 1). July 18, 2019. The Independent (Newfoundland and Labrador).

The Newfoundland Expatriate Survey (Part 2). July 22, 2019. The Independent (Newfoundland and Labrador). (Read the August 3, 2019 CBC News story “Buried report offers insight on why expats leave N.L. — and why they’d return.” The story followed Jenn’s interview on CBC Radio’s On the Go on July 23, 2019)

Cod and The Fishery: Down, But Not Out. July 2, 2019. The Independent (Newfoundland and Labrador).

Shed Culture: Some Work, All Play is the Newfoundland and Labrador Way. May 2019 (Cover story). Downhome Magazine. (Cover story)

Roam Like Home: Journal Entries From a Trip Across Newfoundland. April 2019. Newfoundland Quarterly.

Here Comes the Sun: Artist Jean Claude Roy’s Bright Outlook for Newfoundland and Labrador. March 2019. Newfoundland Quarterly.

2018 (and previous)

Letter: Career opportunity in fishing. . . for plastic? (Opinion-Editorial) November 19, 2018. The Telegram (St. John’s, NL)

Letter: The reasons we fish: Calling it “recreational” misses the mark. (Opinion-Editorial). October 6, 2018. The Telegram (St. John’s, NL)

Letter: Abuses to Recreational Cod Fishery Hurts Everyone, Including the Fish. (Opinion-Editorial) September 28, 2018. The Telegram (St. John’s, NL)

I’s The B’y That Catches the ‘Bergs: Meet Newfoundland and Labrador’s Iceberg Cowboy. Winter 2018. Explore Magazine (p.14)

Half a Century a fisherman – ‘til they closed it. First Person Feature. Winter 2018. Saltscapes Magazine

Mark Your Calendars: Corner Brook is hosting a Come Home Year 2019 and Everyone’s Invited. September 2018. Downhome Magazine

Letters from Pop (Newfoundland and Labrador’s Poor Literacy Legacy). March 2018. Maisonneuve Magazine

Abandoned Architecture as Art. January 2018. Downhome Magazine

I’m Afraid of Men: Vivek Shraya (Session Review). 2018. Ottawa International Writers Festival.

The Secret History of Soldiers: Tim Cook (Session Review). 2018. Ottawa International Writers Festival.

First Person: Darrel J. McLeod and Tom Wilson (Session Review). 2018. Ottawa International Writers Festival.

An Artist’s View. October 2016. Downhome Magazine

Still Afloat. March 2016. Downhome Magazine

For excerpts of recent works, visit Keepsake Gallery.


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Jenn Thornhill Verma was also the longest standing writer/editor for the popular CFHI Mythbusters series, debunking widely held beliefs about healthcare in Canada with best-available evidence (Jenn wrote/edited every issue from 2006-2013)