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  • Not Your Grandmudder’s Knitting: A Yarnbomber Leaves Her Mark in Newfoundland. (Forthcoming Spring/Summer 2020). [EDIT] magazine.
  • Quirpon Island: Abandoned, but Still Bursting with Life. (On newsstands now) March 2020. Downhome. (Cover story)


  • Fishing Lessons: Bringing the whole community back to the wharf, one child and one woman at a time. November 2019. Reader’s Digest. Now available online.

2018 (and previous)

  • Letters from Pop(Newfoundland and Labrador’s Poor Literacy Legacy). March 2018. Maisonneuve Magazine

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Jenn Thornhill Verma was also the longest standing writer/editor for the popular CFHI Mythbusters series, debunking widely held beliefs about healthcare in Canada with best-available evidence (Jenn wrote/edited every issue from 2006-2013)